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Plus, he's dealing with the guilt he feels over the way he arrived on Earth: in a meteor shower that killed Lana's parents, stripped Lex of his hair and in general turned Smallville into a weird place to live. Bleary-eyed, welling shuffles into Morrissey's, an Irish-type bar in down-town Vancouver, and plops himself into an overstuffed chair, takes a deep breath, sighs, swipes at his mop of chestnut hair and says, "I'm hanging in there." Yawning, he stretches his legs out and grins good-naturedly.

It's a unique, inventive and often moving mix; and a number of highbrow types have praised the show for its "soul" and its "intuitive feel for the zeitgeist," and sensed in this particular Clark Kent a new kind of hero for the post-9/11 world. At the moment, Kreuk is in the makeup chair, while Welling and Rosenbaum rehearse a scene, the two of them ambling around a battered Porsche, practicing their lines."Don't you remember anything about the accident? Finally, displaying his own intuitive feel for the zeitgeist, he says, "My ass was sore afterward. "The director steps forward and says, "Well, yes, that was very good, very professional."Rosenbaum is chuckling, and Welling is looking kind of embarrassed. He's a tall fellow, with huge size-fourteen feet, and limpid green-grape eyes, and cheeks that seem to have a permanent apple-red flush on them.

He had no real acting experience, planned on taking no acting classes and gave himself one year to make something of himself.

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She is keeping low profile but we know that she is currently dating her long-term boyfriend who is a hot Canadian actor. Kristin Kreuk began dating fellow actor Mark Hildreth in 2004.

Although 34-yars old actress is in happy relationship that she clearly adores, she doesn’t seem to rush into things.

The two of them are still dating after approximate 13 years and engagement or marriage does not seem to be their priority.

Fans were anticipating anxiously engagement celebration. Nevertheless, Kreuk said that she wanted to move to production work instead of acting.

She is very hard working woman who might decide to join the ranks childless celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston or Cameron Diaz.

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